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Rules and Regulation

Kannammal Institution program stands as a pillar of excellence, providing students with a solid foundation for their academic and personal journeys. With a deep commitment to academic rigor and holistic development, our program prepares students to navigate the challenges of higher education and beyond. Academically, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that combines depth of knowledge with critical thinking skills. Our experienced faculty members employ innovative teaching methodologies to engage students in active learning and foster a love for learning. We prioritize conceptual understanding and practical application, equipping students with the necessary tools to excel in their matriculation exams.


Students can avail the school transport. Parents should consult the school transport in-charge for necessary details. The school shall not entertain any change in the bus route to suit individual convenience. It may be discontinued in case of in disciplinary behaviour in the bus. Bus facility is not mandatory.

Transport Rule

  • Subject to availability of seats, students may avail van facility as per existing rules and fares.
  • Transport fees will have to be remitted along with the tuition fees
  • The school does not entertain any change in the van route to suit the individual's convenience
  • Students are expected to be on the right side of their van stops along with escorting person at least five minutes before the arrival of the bus.
  • Van will not wait for the late comers.
  • The drivers are authorized to stop buses at the designated stop only, unless, directed by the transport in charge.
  • Objects of any kind must not be thrown inside or outside the bus.
  • Commuters are not allowed to change school buses or go by other means of transport without written permission from the Principal.
  • The driver's attention must not be diverted for any reason. If any such case comes to notice van facility may be cancelled.
  • In disciplinary behaviour is strictly prohibited. In such case van service will be withdrawn immediately without prior intimation.
  • Students will be held responsible and punished for any damage to buses caused by negligence or vandalism and fined accordingly.
  • The Parents should ensure that transportation of their wards to and from the school is comfortable and small kids of Nursery to class XI are properly escorted, boarded and received personally at the van stop.
  • A responsible person from the school is on duty in every vehicle with a mobile phone to keep connectivity with the school office. Please note down the telephone numbers of the respective van in-charge, from the school office. Parents are requested not to enter the van and disrupt the functioning of the transport. All the problems related to bus will be strictly sorted out by the school authorities only. Parents involvement is strictly prohibited
  • Parents are requested to ensure that the student is escorted to and from the van stop. The escort must be at the stop 5 to 10 mins before the arrival of the van. Eating in the vans or littering is not permitted.

Exam Promotion Policy

  • Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year's performance of the pupil, hence importance of regularity in attendance is imperative
  • Results declared at the end of the session are final in all cases and will not be reconsidered.
  • The child will not be awarded any rank in class XI if he/she does not appear for any subject in the Exam. No Ranking will be given in classes Nur. to VIII.
  • No re-test / Exam. is permitted. Courses of all the tests will be settled by the subject teacher.
  • 90% attendance is must for promotion to the next higher class.
  • 15% attendance can be waived off by the Principal/Management under special circumstances, like serious illness, death of close blood relatives only. Students of classes VI to X getting below D grade will appear for reexamination for grade improvement. Single chance will be given for grade improvement. Any student caught cheating or using unfair means during the examination may not only be given ZERO in the subject concerned but an incident this type may lead to his / her expulsion / withdrawal from the school.
  • Students are expected to attend exam in neat as well ironed and complete uniform boys with short and decent hair cut.

Rules in case of absence

(All students to follow daily routine strictly)

Coming to school regularly is an integral part of student's life. This inculcates discipline and regularity in a student, which in turn creates moral values and holistic education gained by a child in the school environment. No student will be allowed to enter the class without a leave application if he/she has been absent the previous day.

Life of Absence

Students who have been sick for more than 3 days will bring a medical certificate from their doctor on re-joining the school.

All students will attend school on the reopening day after every vacation.

It is compulsory for all students to maintain regular attendance during the course of the Academic Session, 90% attendance is mandatory to enable them to appear for the Final Assessment. The percentage, however, could be relaxed on medical grounds. A certificate of merit will be given to students with 100% attendance Provision of half day leave is expunged, but in an emergency, request can be considered for genuine reasons. Any type of leave will however be granted on the written request of authorized signatory via the School Diary. Leave will be granted only for serious illness, death of near and dear ones, natural calamity, marriage of real brother/sister, aunty, uncle (mother's or father's brother or sister), any other convincing reason.

No leave will be entertained during Weekly Tests, Oral Exams or Examination, except in medical cases. LEAVE CRITERIA FOR STUDENTS OF BOARD CLASSES WILL BE DIFFERENT.

Those who come late or remain absent on the previous day must bring a note in the designated Late Coming Record Page in the School Diary only, giving reason for late coming, duly signed by authorised signatory.

A pupil who is found to be habitually absent without any bona-fide reason or any explanation from parents or guardians is liable to have, his / her name struck off from the roll of the school register and information will be passed on to the parents/guardians.

Name of the student will be struck off from the roll if he/she is absent continuously for a period of five days or more without any information or permission and re-admission procedure will be followed.

A student must not leave the school during the working hours without a Gate-Pass.

If the child remains absent for three subsequent days, parent must accompany the child and meet the Principal to continue his / her studies.

School Rules

The students are supposed to reach the school 5 minutes before the school starts. Attendance will be taken before the Assembly.

The students should converse in English only in the school premises

Students should maintain discipline and observe good manners

Criticism of the teacher or school in the presence of a child should be avoided Every child should take proper care of the school property. Damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the Class Teacher / Principal & damage cost will be replaced by the student.

Expensive things are not allowed to be brought in the school.

Money should not be lent or borrowed. The school is not responsible for the goods lost

Students suffering from any contagious disease will not be allowed to continue classes until he/she recovers from it and submits the medical certificate from a doctor.

Bicycles must be properly locked and kept in the cycle stand. School will not be responsible for the vehicles / bicycle kept out side the school premises Students should actively participate in various activities

Every student should carry his / her school diary to school every day.

The warning bell before a class or assembly is a signal for all to go to the assembly or to their respective class - rooms. This should be done in silence. Changing of class rooms during periods should be done in silence and in orderly manner.

Students should be very neatly dressed. The school uniform should be worn on all working days. No relaxation is acceptable in this regard.


Shouting, whistling and running in corridors are strictly prohibited. The students should bring tiffin, spoon, napkin/lunch towel and daily.

Students will not be permitted to leave the school during the school without prior information. The School reserves right, to terminate the schooling of students for unsatisfactory progress in studies or whose conduct is a bad percept for others.

Students should attend festivals and functions celebrated in the school.

Parents should co-operate with the school in its attempt to help their children progress, paying attention to their punctuality, regularity and discipline. They should take interest in their child's studies & other activities.

Parents are requested to meet the Principal as per their requirements only during the stipulated time.

Taking leave during working days is strongly discouraged. Parents are responsible to make up for the loss of the studies in case of leave taken. The school will expect these students to be at par with the class in every way and that must be ensured by the parents only.

It has been observed with dismay that students turn up late to the school which is undesirable. Henceforth latecomers will be sent back home. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained.

Partying in the classroom is strictly prohibited.

No sharp objects like blade, knife, scissors, needle should be sent to school to ensure safety.

Valuable articles like gold / diamond jewellery (chain & danglers), facial make up like eye makeup & bindi, henna decorating palms & feet is strictly prohibited in the school. Electronic gadgets (mobiles, i-pod and camera) are not permitted inside the school premises as per CBSE school rules. If found, the articles will be confiscated and will be returned only after 6 months. If such instances are repeated, then the child may be asked to leave the school.

Every student will go home only by school transport/authorized transport or with the authorized escort of their own. Regarding authorization of escort, parents are requested to submit a written authorization letter. The school be informed immediately in writing about the change of authorized escort. School does not allow short leave of students. In case of emergency should submit application written request.


Kannammal Institution is a progressive and upgrowing institution. In order to realize the highest ideal of education , to nurture the sterling qualities of an all rounded personality and to inculcate healthy competition with maintenance of individual identities under perfect care without constraining inherent qualities. We at KNS need your co-operation with all your resources (Physical, Social and Economical) in this to help us in achieving our goal.

Parents must regularly visit school's website & software to know all the necessary information's of the school's activities.

Any communication made by the Parent/Guardian should be addressed to the Principal through the Class Teacher and all correspondence from the school to the parents will be made by the Principal.

Students are advised not to bring valuable articles. School shall not undertake any responsibility for the loss.

Parents are required to co-operate with the school in its attempt to help their children progress by paying attention to their regularity, punctuality and discipline and take interest in their child's work. They should check the almanac every day and note the homework and other instructions given. They are advised to check the bags of their wards to see if any circular/notice/invitation etc. Has been issued. Care must be taken of all school property and if any damage is done, it will be made good by the concerned student together with a fine imposed for the offence. All students are expected to join the school on the notified date at the beginning of the term.

It is compulsory for the student to complete 90% of the attendance in the year to make him / her eligible to appear in the final examination.

Once the name is struck off from the roll, readmission can be done with due permission of the Principal.

Parents must first consult the school calendar, date sheets and other circulars, before making enquiries on the phone.

Parents must provide the school with correct mobile numbers and also inform about the changes (if any) so that SMS containing important messages like attendance, marks, etc. can be sent to them.

Parents are requested to inform the school if there is any change in their address and telephone numbers.

Children when sick, should not be sent to school to attend tests/classes.

Parents are requested not to enter classroom to see their children or teachers during school hours without prior permission of the Principal.

The ward of those parents, who avoid meeting the authorities when advised to do so, may not be allowed to attend the class.

The students who habitually keep indulging in cheating, theft, misbehavior or misconduct, despite repeated warning and constant efforts by the staff to improve their behaviour, will be expelled even at the time of Final Examination. These type of cases will be judged by a Disciplinary Committee, appointed by the Principal.

Parents should ensure that their wards prepare their lessons well and do their homework regularly.

Parents should make sure that for any absence from the school, written intimation is sent to the class teacher. In case of emergency only, short leave will be given.

A Students will not be allowed to go for drinking water after every period except for the Short - Break. If in case it is required, the students are requested to bring water bottles to school.

No student shall indulge in any of the following practices : Celebrating Birthdays, Making Party, Rowdiness and Rude Behaviour, Riding on Vehicle in the Games Field, Bursting of Crackers, Playing Holi in the School Campus, Spoiling Gardens, Lawn, Flowers and Plants etc. They should also not use foul language (Unparliamentarily language) &misbehave with the conductor or the driver while traveling in the bus. Student will be punished/expelled from the school if found involved in above mentioned activities.

Important messages are communicated, well in advance, through the students or through remarks of class teachers in their diary or SMS. Students will be responsible for any misinterpretation of any rule of keeping the parents in the dark about the remarks given by the authority of the School.

Students are not allowed to bring Mobile phones in school. If any student is found with a Mobile phone, the phone will be retained by the school minimum for 6 months by the school & by repetition of this he/she will be expelled from the school.

Parents will not enter the van& will not interfere in any matter / problems of the van. They have to inform the school authorities for necessary action.

Attendance record of the students will be sent to the parents on all working days through SMS. Parents are requested to avoid the absenteeism of their wards.