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At Kannammal Institution, the testimonials from both parents and students serve as a powerful testament to the exceptional educational experience we provide. Parents express their gratitude for the nurturing environment, dedicated faculty, and holistic approach that empowers their children to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. They commend the school for fostering a love for learning, instilling values, and preparing their children for future success. Students, on the other hand, enthusiastically share their transformative journey at Kannammal Institution, highlighting the engaging classrooms, diverse extracurricular opportunities, and the supportive community that has shaped their growth and inspired their dreams. The testimonials collectively reinforce the outstanding reputation of Kannammal Institution and its unwavering commitment to delivering an education that truly makes a difference in the lives of students and their families.


Dear Madam, We fortunate to have my daughter Maithili in Kannammal Institution Palladam, Teachers are cooperative, supportive and encouraging. Being a grownup child i thank each and every one of you for your positive response towards smooth completion of schooling. Looking forward for your support

Mr. A. Vidyasagar & Ms. A. Pranaya

Parent of  Arigela Maithili (G1) AND Arigela Shreyan (G4)


KNS Educational institutions  is best school in palladam with lush green environment, excellent teaching staffs, spacious class rooms, overall good with happy zone for my kids . All the best for the future endeavour to the management .

Mr. P. Pradeep, Ms. P. Sujatha

Parent of  P. Kavin (G6)

by plants
and Trees

My daughters have been studying for eight years in this school. The coaching was nice. The school is surrounded by plants and Trees so they give more oxygen to students.

Mr. B. Kulandaivel & Ms. K. Kavitha

Parent of  K. Kanishka (G2), K.Jai varshini (G7)

for studies
& activities

Kannammal National School is a best school in Palladam. Because, This school has a best atmosphere and there are many excellent teachers. They are giving equal amount of attention for both studies and sports. They are not only teaching by writing also by conducting activities. I am impressed by the teaching skill of the teachers by observation class.

Mr. T. Thangadurai & MS. T. Karthika

Parent of  T.Ragunandhan(G6), T.Mukundhan (G8)


KNS is the toppest school in palladam. The school environment is awesome. It gives not only the education but also extra curricular activities. KNS is a nature friendly school. The campus is very neat and tidy.


Ms. R. Latha, Parent of  D. Jessica Sharon (G7)



I have only great things to say about my experience in kns . The teachers are amazing, the curriculum is really great and each child is treated with care.

Swetha (G9)

for our

Great school!!! I am very happy to be at this school. Teachers are very nice and helpfull. This school is home for our family.

M.V. Shree Sanvi (G6)


Great environment and very welcoming atmosphere. Academics program is strong as well but it still leaves a balance to do other things as well.

S. Lakshana (G5)

sum up

My teachers did a great job in covering the syllabus.Classes are lively and encouraged engagement from all students." "It's easy to sum up - Excellent!”

G. Tanavarsini (G8)

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at great

I loved my stay here. The school is great. I love the fact that there are not only good teachers and classes but also very cool after school activities. I also think that all the excursions are great! Finally for me there is nothing to change. I think iam at great place.

V. Vinay Karthick (G7)